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Virtual Tour Real Estate

What is a Virtual Tour?

This service will allow you to visit your preferred property online without worrying about the location
barrier using online conferencing platforms for you to get the best experience possible and make the
buying decision more confidentially.
BINAA Virtual viewings and virtual house tours services, allow you to digitally tour a for-sale home.

Due to the COVID19 effect on traveling processes and flight calendars, you might find it difficult and
complicated to set a visit and come just to see your Future Home. Our team will let you Visit our
properties with a human guide.
No 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs, our visits are Human guided. We discuss with you, zoom on

whatever details and answer your questions live. With a 3D virtual visit, real estate agencies show you
what they want you to see. With our virtual visit, you guide our camera to take a 'walk' through your
liked property, looking inside each room (often from different angles), we show you every detail you
want in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or even balcony.

You can check your view outside or ask our agent to take a tour of the city or to ride you by car throughthe district.

The benefits of a Virtual Tour?

Looking at pictures to get an idea about how does a certain property fits your needs and if it’s suitable
for you is the usual way to know more about the new house that you’re willing to buy, but to make
your purchase decision even more sturdy you can request a virtual tour for the property and you can
get a tour around it like if you were in the property in person.

Make a better buying decision and schedule a visit now from the form beside! 

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