Online purchasing Real Estate in Turkey | and get Turkish citizenship without travelling.

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Online purchasing Real Estate in Turkey | and get Turkish citizenship without travelling.

Get to know the steps to purchase a property online in Turkey and get citizenship through the Turkish consulate from where you live.

Online purchasing Real Estate in Turkey |  and get Turkish citizenship without travelling.
28th April 2021
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Many people have tended to purchase real estate online in Turkey. It is a safe investment method in a European and regional country, preserving capital during repeated international closures, under the current global health conditions.

Given that air traffic has become subject to a halt in most countries occasionally, in conjunction with lifting the state of a health emergency.

Therefore, a reliable partner in Turkey has become an urgent need; to complete the ownership procedures and purchase a property in Turkey remotely while you are in your country. We offer you this unique service in Binaa Investment. Follow the following paragraphs to know more about this valuable service.

Advantages of Online property purchase in Turkey

  • You do not need to travel to Turkey, thus saving the accommodation expenses and airline tickets.
  • Take advantage of the offers on real estate, as well as the exchange rate differences.
  • Keep your privacy and complete all real estate ownership procedures with complete confidentiality.

Are there concerns about real estate ownership over the Internet?

The online purchasing process, including real estate shopping, has become more common in recent years. It is like a virtual window that takes you to the ground; however, we recommend choosing your real estate agent well.

Buying a property online in Turkey

We, at Binaa Investment, are specialized in real estate and engineering consultancy; by seizing investment opportunities in Turkey. We certainly guarantee you transparency in the purchase process. We also provide you with legal and specialized advisory services in the Turkish real estate sector.

We will help you choose the right residential unit and complete all contracting procedures, including extracting the title deed and getting Turkish citizenship while you are in your country.

Steps for choosing the right property online

1- Information about the property

If you want to purchase a specific property in a residential project in Turkey, or there is a group of real estate you would like to choose from; all you need to do is let us know about the real estate of selection; so we can present you with all the details.

Or, simply provide us with your requirements, and let us do the task of real estate consultancy. We will show you the best projects that suit your needs and budget.

2- A virtual real estate tour 

We take you on virtual real estate tours via the Internet, which puts you on the land of the project, that you would want to choose from, to explore all the minute details and the most important information before selecting the right property. Your private real estate consultant will go to the appropriate projects for you after being selected by you. He will move within the project, according to your request via a video call, to show all the details of the property from the inside.

Distance real estate tours to buy a property in Turkey

3- Consider the offers and choose the appropriate one

The stage of considering the presented proposals and offers is within your budget framework; besides the reasons for purchasing the property, is it for investment or accommodation; you need to consider all offers well as this helps you choose the right property.

For instance, if you are not in a hurry to move to your property directly, you can choose a property under construction at preferential prices and effective instalments in a way that brings you profit upon the completion of the construction processes.

How to document contracts for online real estate purchase in Turkey?

4- Make a power of attorney for the purchase

After choosing the suitable property, the price and payment method are negotiated, with determining the receipt date.


Now, all you have to do is send a purchasing power of attorney in the name of Binaa Investment, certified by the Turkish embassy, through which we can start the property-titling procedures immediately. You also need to send a simple preliminary payment to reserve the property and a copy of the passport.

5- Conclusion of the sales contract

Upon completing all contracting procedures for your new home, we send the sales contract to you via mail and ask you to sign and resend it to us.

Since we work transparently, we are keen to ensure your rights by notarizing the sales contract of a Turkish notary (Notre)

6- Transferring the property value and receiving the title deed

Upon the possession procedures completion, it is time to pay by transferring money from your bank account to the seller's account. During the transfer process, we follow the issuance of the title deed - tapu in your name, immediately after payment.

Online title deed service   

In some cases, it is possible to take advantage of the online title deed service through the official website dedicated to completing all the title deed procedures. (web tapu).

The website has assisted in completing thousands of title deeds, especially during the recent period, under precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

It is worth noting; the Turkish government has launched the electronic Tapu website for the extraction of title deeds; in order to conduct all related transactions remotely from the real estate registry. It is scheduled to include information about real estate, which facilitates the purchasing and selling processes.

Get Turkish citizenship while you are in your country!

Upon Online property purchase in Turkey and registering the title deed in your name in the real estate registry, we can help you obtain Turkish citizenship online, according to the Naturalization Act, in exchange for real estate ownership.

We need a specific power of attorney to proceed with the naturalization procedures, attached with the required personal documents so that our company's lawyer can submit the application and complete all the procedures.

Approximately three months after applying, the naturalization decision will be issued for you and your family members, who are included in the file.

You can now receive Turkish ID cards and Turkish passports from the Turkish embassy in your country.

Finally, if you make up your mind to invest in real estate in Turkey by purchasing a real estate unit in Turkey; but you cannot travel to complete the purchase; contact us at Binaa Investment.

We help you choose the correct residential unit and complete all contracting procedures, including the extraction of the title deed, with the possibility of picking the best marvellous features such as sea views, government guarantee, return on investment and getting Turkish citizenship.

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