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Samana Golf Views
10% Down payment
1+1 - 2+1 - 3+1
Dubai Sports City
Price Start
180.000 $
Emaar Greenside Residences
10% Down payment
1+1 - 2+1 - 3+1
Dubai Hills
Price Start
420.000 $
Skyline and marina views
Damac Volta
10% Down payment
1+1 - 2+1 - 3+1
Sheikh Zayed Road
Price Start
450.000 $
Rental guarantee 10 years
Binghatti House
20% Down payment
0+1 - 1+1 - 2+1
Jumeirah Village Circle
Price Start
150.000 $

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Why Invest In Dubai
The UAE provides an ideal business environment for investors and entrepreneurs. It also provides excellent infrastructure facilities, supported by professional expertise and personal services, which give the country a competitive advantage over other countries.
Safe & Strategic Location
Dubai is an ideal destination for real estate investment. The expected increase in the population in Dubai in the future opens up promising opportunities for investors. The real estate market in Dubai offers opportunities to purchase properties that are still under construction or planned for future sale, providing unique investment opportunities.
Economic Growth Outpaces That Of Large Countries
The real estate market in Dubai is expected to grow by 46% in 2023, with property prices in the city rising by 29% by the end of the year. The overall trend for the Dubai real estate market in the next year is an increase, with prices expected to rise by at least 10-15% and in some areas up to 46%, according to statistics.
Dubai's real estate market is characterized by transparency and regulation
making it ideal for investment. Thanks to its strong and diverse economy, Dubai attracts a lot of international investments annually. The average rental yield in Dubai is around 7.5%, and the demand for properties is expected to increase due to the anticipated population growth.
Opportunities For Investors And Capital Owners
The stability of the exchange rate certainly has a positive impact on the real estate market in Dubai. Exchange rate stability leads to market expansion in the long term. The UAE dirham is considered one of the most stable currencies in the world, as its value is pegged to the US dollar and has remained stable for over 20 years.
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Dubai Sales Performance Summary
113,663 Transactions
Since 2020
232,254 Transactions
+42.63% YoY

Types Of Residences In Dubai

Residence Visa for Investors in Real Estate
  • This service allows real estate investors who own a property valued at AED 750,000 or more to apply for a renewable residency visa lasting two years.
  • Moreover, investors have the option to sponsor their spouses and children under this visa scheme.
  • The property must have a minimum value of 750,000 AED to be eligible for this program.
  • It is a requirement for the investor to have full ownership of the property they have invested in, and it cannot be financed through a loan.
  • In case the application is submitted on behalf of the investor, a Power of Attorney (POA) is mandatory.
The Golden Visa
  • The Golden Visa-Residence program offers a unique opportunity for real estate investors in the UAE. Investors who own properties valued at AED 2,000,000 or higher at the time of purchase are eligible to apply for a renewable residency visa lasting 10 years. This visa not only covers the investors but also extends to their spouses and children, without any specific age requirement for the children.
  • If the property in question has a mortgage, obtaining a visa linked to the property requires a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank. This certificate should outline the amounts paid and the remaining balance on the mortgage.
  • One of the program's key advantages is the flexibility it offers in terms of including spouses and children, making it a family-friendly option for investors. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the number of sponsored individuals, allowing investors to bring in foreign domestic workers and grant them residency in the UAE.
  • Additionally, investors can benefit from the UAE's favorable trade and investment conditions. The country boasts abundant investment prospects and provides tax advantages and exemptions. Notably, the UAE does not impose income tax on individuals, enhancing the financial appeal of the program.
  • This Golden Visa-Residence program serves as a gateway for investors to take advantage of the thriving market and excellent trade opportunities in the UAE while enjoying long-term residency benefits for themselves and their families.
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