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Resale taxes in Turkey 2022

Resale taxes in Turkey are highlighted that are paid when transferring the title deed of immovable property, including real estate and lands.

Resale taxes in Turkey are among the things that real estate owners need to be aware of to determine the value of fees and ways to pay them to avoid any financial penalties in case of delayed tax payment on the specified date.

Therefore, in this article, we will get to know everything related to real estate resale taxes in Turkey, represented by the title deed tax and the circulating capital tax.

Resale taxes in Turkey 2022

The Turkish government charges resale taxes on both the Turkish citizen and the foreigner, with the same value for both, with no additional fees on foreigners when buying a residential or commercial unit, whether for selling, transferring ownership, or bequeathing.

The resale fees in Turkey are taxes of two types:

1- Title deed tax (Tapu Harcı)

2- Circulating capital tax (Döner Sermaye)


First - Title deed tax- Tapu Harcı

Title deed tax or Tapu tax is the fee required by the Land Survey Directorate when selling immovable property "real estate, commercial unit, residential land, fields...etc."; it is estimated at 4% of the total value.

Who pays title deed tax?

According to an agreement between the two parties defined in the contract, the title deed fee is collected equally from the seller and the buyer, i.e., 2%, and in some cases, the buyer bears the total value.

How is title deed Tax calculated?

Title deed tax is calculated on the selling price defined in the title deed document.

If the price of the sold unit is $10,000, the total value of the title deed fee is 10,000 x 4% = $400, to be divided equally between the seller and the buyer or as agreed upon in the purchase contract.

Second - Circulating capital tax- Döner Sermaye

Since 2021, Turkish law added additional fees for resale in the real estate market, known as the circulating capital tax.

Circulating capital tax is an additional service fee for the revolving fund, which is paid in the same manner as the title deed tax, equally between the seller and the buyer, unless they agree otherwise.

How much is the circulating capital fee?

The value of the circulating capital tax in title deed transactions has increased, according to the published statement in the Official Newspaper on the value of fees and taxes on services in 2022.

Under the latest amendment, the value of the circulating capital tax paid during property transfer transactions is 233 TL plus 32 additional service fees, totalling 265 TL.


Where are resale taxes paid in Turkey?

The seller and the buyer can pay the resale tax on immovable property in Turkey via bank transfer.

The two parties are notified via a text message on the mobile phone of the tax value, with the bank account number that will receive the tax value, provided that the specified value is paid before signing the sale and purchase contract between the two parties.


That was a quick overview of everything related to resale costs in Turkey. If you would like to know more details about the title deed tax or the circulating capital fees for transferring ownership, feel free to contact us.

We will let you know more details about resale taxes in Turkey, and the team of Binaa Investment Company will help you calculate the value of the title deed tax and how to pay it. Contact us now!


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