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Real estate resale taxes

What is ”Tapu Harcı”?

”Tapu Harcı” term is being used for the taxes paid to the government when buying a new house, workplace, land, field, and all the properties, and for the 2021 year it has been specified as 4% of the total property value and on top of it, there are 194,75 Turkish liras as revolving fund fees.


Revolving Fund Fees

For the 2021 year, the Revolving Fund Fees have been specified as 171,25 Turkish Liras, adding on it 23,50 Turkish Liras for the service fees so in total it will be 194,75 Turkish Liras.


Paying the ”Tapu Harcı”?

In the Turkish Law, the specified amount of 4% of the total ”Tapu Harcı” must be paid equally from both parties as 2% must be paid by the property seller and 2% must be paid by the property buyer (New Owner)

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