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About Turkish citizenship

The main ways of gaining Turkish Citizenship

There are many ways of gaining Turkish Citizenship and here are the main ones:

  • Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Birth.
  • Gaining Turkish Citizenship by lineage.
  • Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Adoption.
  • Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Marriage.
  • Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

Citizenship Application Procedure

The citizenship application procedure has many steps which are:

  • Knowing the requirements to be eligible for Citizenship.
  • Preparing all the necessary papers required for the application.
  • Submitting the papers to the interior ministry.
  • Waiting for application initial approval (May take more than one month)
  • Getting the application tracking number.
  • Waiting for the final application approval and then getting the citizenship.
  • Downloading and filling the form from the official government website


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