Villas for sale in Istanbul

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Villas for sale in Istanbul

The comprehensive guide on how to search for villas for sale in Istanbul and the most important offers

Villas for sale in Istanbul
16th June 2022
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The city of Istanbul annually attracts thousands of foreigners and investors looking for excellence and exceptional real estate and investment opportunities, as this city is known for its large and distinctive real estate diversity that suits different tastes, opinions and budgets.

A wide category of investors directs their search for villas for sale in Istanbul, with its European and Asian parts, in order to obtain a set of endless and unlimited privileges.

Through this article, the editorial team of Binaa Real Estate Company will take you on an extensive tour to learn about the most important places that contain villas for sale in Istanbul - on their most important advantages - the reasons that motivate foreigners to buy them - and on many other details and information related to this aspect of the real estate market in that city.

We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading.


Where can I find villas for sale in Istanbul?

In your opinion, is the Asian side of Istanbul better to buy villas in Istanbul or the European side?

In fact, both sides contain distinctive, luxurious and high-end projects and imaginary offers that you can only find what suits you, and through the following paragraph we will shed light on the most important of those areas, as we will inform you about many of their advantages and other details related to them, and their real estate future will be indicated. .

1 – Villas for sale in Beylikduzu:

Beylikduzu is one of the most important and best areas to search for villas for sale in Istanbul, especially as it enjoys a wonderful sea view from one side of the Marmara Sea and also has a distinctive view of Buyukcekmece Bay, and this contributed to giving it a high investment value and increased the demand for real estate ownership in it significantly .

One of the important information that you should know about this area is that in the recent period it has been the focus of the attention of construction companies that have worked to build many modern and high-end residential complexes and luxury villas with striking architectural styles, which was the reason for many investors to choose to buy real estate in it regardless about the type of property.

It gained its investment importance from its presence on the European side of the city, as it is close to the most important strategic mega projects such as Istanbul's new airport, the new water canal, and others.

Moving to and from Beylikduzu became very easy after the Metrobus line passed through it, which connected it with the other most important areas of the city and raised the importance of real estate investment in it and had an important impact on the real estate sector in the region and increased its prices.

This region does not lack schools, universities, health institutions, or huge shopping centers such as malls (Marmara Park Mall).

Real estate prices in Beylikduzu are cheap compared to prices in nearby areas such as Sariyer or Basaksehir, and prices are likely to rise significantly in the coming period for several reasons, most notably the great demand for real estate purchases and its unique luxury.


2- The best villas in Uskudar:

Do not forget to look at the Asian side of the city and get a broad idea of ​​its most important areas, especially the Uskudar area, which is characterized by a double sea view of the Marmara Sea on one side and the Bosphorus Strait on the other, which increased its importance significantly. On the urban level, you will find many distinctive real estate projects in it, such as residential complexes, villas, and other distinctive options.

It is a great idea to think of looking for villas for sale in Istanbul in Uskudar specifically without other areas, especially if you are seeking to build a profitable and distinctive real estate investment where the transportation and public transport networks have developed that have reached the region with other areas and also because of the development of its infrastructure in general, as the Turkish government pays special attention to it, as it is a destination that tourists do not hesitate to visit thanks to its important tourist attractions such as the Maiden’s Tower - Beylerbeyi Palace - Çamlıca Mosque and many other important natural manifestations.

What supports the investor’s decision to invest his money in Uskudar, and not in other areas of the city, is that real estate prices are constantly increasing, which ensures that you get the desired profits and abundant returns.


3 – Villas for sale in Buyukcekmece:

This area is located on the European side of the city and is surrounded by many important areas such as Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, Silivri and others. It has a view of the Marmara Sea,

And if you are really wondering about the best suitable areas to search for villas for sale in Istanbul, Buyukcekmece is one of the distinctive and correct options, especially in light of the comprehensive urban renaissance that it is witnessing, as the growth and development of real estate and investment projects and the keenness of the establishing companies to build them in accordance with international specifications and standards.

What you do not know about that area is that it is very rich in vast green spaces, which gives life in it a different character combination between the element of urban luxury and the manifestations of nature made it a completely different and very special place.


4 - Villas in Arnavutkoy:

Also, this area is located on the European side of the city and has a wonderful view of the Black Sea, and it is close to the most important areas of the city such as Basaksehir, Eyüp Sultan and others. As for the importance of real estate ownership in it, it came from the fact that it contains the most important air transport station in the world (Istanbul New Airport) and many real estate investors consider it the modern and appropriate destination for buying real estate and real estate investment because the prices in it are very appropriate while it may rise significantly during the coming period(You will have achieved the equation that says that you should buy when prices are cheap and sell when prices rise to take advantage of the price difference that will result between the two stages of buying and selling).

There is information that you may not be aware of about the Arnavutkoy area, which is that it has a rural character with gardens, parks and green spaces. Do not forget that a large part of its real estate projects overlook the Belgrade forests, where a large part of it is located.


Villas for sale in Istanbul by the sea:

One of the most important locations in which you may buy villas in Istanbul is the one on the sea, as it provides you with a stable and quiet life, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is in addition to the distinctive view that you will have over time, and do not forget that the climate that characterizes the areas overlooking the sea is always mild.

But if you want to invest in real estate, be completely confident that you will get high profits, as the prices of this type of real estate are constantly increasing as a result of the great and increasing demand for it and also the limited availability due to the lack of space overlooking the sea in front of the interior spaces.


Villas for sale in Istanbul in installments:

Did you know that a large group of investors or those coming to real estate ownership in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular choose to buy real estate or apartments in installments, as it is an ideal option for those who do not have the value of the property to pay in cash, or for some people who do not want to put their entire budget in one property because of their absolute belief that The ways to build wealth is to diversify the sources of investment, and thus he will be able to buy two or more properties in installments and pay their price in the long run.

Buying real estate or villas in installments has many benefits and advantages, most notably:

- Not having to face financial pressures.

- An ideal idea is better than renting real estate, because in the end, the property will be yours.

- You will find in front of you a lot of attractive and special offers offered by construction companies.

- If the property is still under construction you can control many details.

- Real estate in installments is a unique opportunity to own in a sophisticated and modern city like Istanbul.


Prices of villas in Istanbul:

One of the first questions that forms in the mind of any investor or person who is about to buy villas in Istanbul is their prices. Are they too high and not suitable for everyone? Is it possible to find deals at cheap prices?

In fact, we cannot mention a specific price for villas in Istanbul, as they differ depending on many factors and elements, and through the following paragraph we will mention them all:

1 - The location of the villa has a major role in determining its price. The more distinguished the location, this will lead to an increase in the price automatically. The prices of villas in the Arnavutkoy area are different from the prices that you will find in Basaksehir.

2 - The view that characterizes the villa, is it on the sea? over the forest? Mountain view? Or on the city streets?

3 - Is the villa you intend to buy a new build or is it old? You have to know that new real estate is more expensive than old real estate and also its prices are likely to rise more than any other real estate option, so if you want to invest in real estate through villas or any other type of real estate, you must choose the newly built in order to ensure that you get abundant profits.

4 - The area of ​​the villa also determines its price, automatically whenever the area is large, this leads to a higher price and when the area decreases, the price decreases.

5- The interior specifications of the villa / its decorations / the quality of the finishes / the materials that were used in the construction / the luxury of the attached garden / its proximity and distance from public transportation / its proximity to schools and universities / the proximity of the villas to historical and archaeological areas, tourist places, malls, markets, recreational places and others.


Villas for sale on the Bosphorus, Istanbul:

Among the details that make the search for villas for sale in Istanbul a special idea is that it owns the Bosphorus Strait that extends within it, which has given it a lot of importance, beauty and charm, and many foreigners and investors around the world choose to own property near it or in the residential projects facing it for many reasons, most notably:

- You will get the true meaning of luxury.

- Successful investment and high returns.

- Their prices are constantly increasing.

- Many tourists choose to live and stay in it during their stay in it.

If you are interested in the real estate aspect in Turkey, you will know that the statistics issued by the official authorities indicate that Istanbul is one of the Turkish cities that sells real estate in Turkey, especially apartments and villas.

Villas are considered one of the best investment options ever, as they provide the investor with a lot of returns. The characteristic by which villas are known is that their prices are constantly increasing as a result of their luxury, sophistication, modernity, modern designs, large areas and other reasons.


How to invest in villas in Istanbul?

Many foreign buyers choose to buy villas in Istanbul in order to invest in real estate and obtain high returns, but before you make the decision to choose this type of real estate for investment, you must know the available ways to invest it, and this is what you can see through the following paragraph:

First: One of the most common ways to invest in real estate in general, and villas in particular, is to rent the property to obtain a stable investment return approximately monthly, and during the tourist seasons profits increase, as the result of the great demand for it is not possible to find it empty.

Second: Reselling when prices rise, and this guarantees you a high return, especially if you choose to sell at times when prices increase.


Types of villas in Istanbul Turkey:

Turkey generally includes three main types of villas, and this is what makes you choose freely among them, and here are the most important details about them:

Ordinary villas: they are villas that are located in rural areas and far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and often have a wonderful sea view or the vast green spaces, It is considered the appropriate option for those who prefer to live quietly, such as senior housing, and it should be noted that its spacious areas provide its residents with comfort, privacy and independence. It is suitable for families consisting of 7 to 10 people, where they can feel completely independent.

Tourist villas: As for this type of villa, you can find it in places and areas close to tourist, historical or natural attractions, and tourists always choose to stay in them, especially if they are tourist groups so that they get comfortable in accommodation and share with the first type of villas many specifications such as the spacious areas and the picturesque view, but it is superior to it in terms of luxury in design, and therefore its price is higher.

Historical villas: As for these villas, they are the preserve of the rich, businessmen and investors because of their very high price. They are luxurious palaces that attract attention and have wonderful specifications that you rarely find.


Can I find cheap villas for sale in Istanbul?

Many people wonder about the possibility of buying cheap villas in Istanbul, is this possible?

Certainly, with the great real estate diversity that the city is witnessing, you will surely find what you are looking for from villas at special prices, and what we can tell you in this regard is that you should go to remote places or far from the city center and in Istanbul we advise you to choose Silivri, which is considered one of the most beautiful rural areas in the world and not only in Istanbul, which is characterized by large areas of parks, and this region has a lot of distinctive offers villas with modern designs, luxurious and spacious areas.

It should be noted that among the plans set by the Turkish government regarding the development of this area is to supply it with a metrobus line from the Beylikdüzü area, and this will make it easy to move to and from it without any difficulty in it, and certainly this will give the area and the real estate sector in it great importance.

Also, the Catalca district is one of the important options that you can choose when buying villas in Istanbul, where the prices of real estate and apartments are rather cheap compared to other areas, and this is what made it one of the first options for the investor who wants to buy villas in that city.


Steps to owning villas in Istanbul:

There are a set of steps that you must adhere to when buying villas in Istanbul, which are as follows:

1 - You must first determine the goal that you seek to achieve by purchasing a search for villas for sale in Istanbul. It may be an investment, housing, residence, or obtaining Turkish citizenship.

2 - You should monitor the financial budget available to you so that you are not surprised by additional costs that are not among your accounts.

3 - You should use one of the important real estate companies to provide you with all the services and consultations you need, in addition to a list of real estate offers available for sale and to take field tours to see the most important options available.

4 - You can view the offers available online, as it is also an ideal solution to find the suitable villa for you, but we advise you to deal with important and famous sites to ensure that you do not fall into problems, wrong choices, or the trap of real estate fraud.

5 - Choose the area of ​​the villa in accordance with your goals. It is preferable to choose small areas because the demand for them is large, while large areas you may find it difficult to sell when you want to do so in the future.


Binaa Real Estate Company offers you:

-Free consultations and important tips you need on your journey to buy a property in Turkey
 -A competent team directs your attention towards the right choice.
- Field tours to see the most important real estate projects in the Turkish real estate market.
-Virtual tours as if you were there.
-Offers of luxury real estate for sale in Turkey and apartments in Istanbul that are suitable for Turkish citizenship or real estate residence.


If you intend to search for villas for sale in Istanbul, but you do not have enough knowledge to search on your own, you can contact us so that we can help you make the right choice and have our real estate consultant accompany you in all stages, from searching for it to signing and receiving the contract, and do not forget that we provide a lot of after-sales services for our clients you can also inquire about it.


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