Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul

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Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul

All you need to know about the features of luxury apartments in Istanbul and where to find them

Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul
14th May 2022
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Have you thought about looking for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul? Is the European side better in your opinion, or the Asian side? What is the benefit of buying an apartment with such specifications?

If you look at the real estate market in Istanbul, you will find it crowded with distinctive real estate options, and the luxury apartments with high-end and modern specifications clearly stand out.

If this topic is on your list of interests, we advise you to follow this article, which we dedicated to be comprehensive about everything related to luxury apartments, where we will highlight the best areas of the city - its advantages - its future - the importance of investing in it - and other details that you need, especially if you are in the process of owning real estate in it.

Are you looking for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul?

If you are interested in the real estate market in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, you will notice that it is one of the most overcrowded real estate markets in the world with investors and those looking for apartments for sale, some of them are looking for cheap apartments and others are looking for luxury apartments. What draws attention is that everyone can find his request and fulfill his desires. This is due to the great variety of real estate that caters to different tastes and budgets.

What is common is that a large group of foreigners and investors are looking for cheap apartments and real estate in that city. Have you ever heard of people looking for luxury apartments? Certainly, as Istanbul real estate is a safe haven for many wealthy people, businessmen, the rich and VIPs.

You may be wondering the reasons why foreigners around the world are buying luxury apartments in Istanbul, In fact, in order to achieve one of the two goals, either for real estate investment and obtaining an abundant profit, or for living within a luxurious and distinctive environment.


The most important luxury areas in Istanbul:

After you have decided to buy an apartment in Istanbul, you will look for the best areas, but in fact, you do not have to search for long, as Istanbul on its European and Asian sides is full of distinctive areas and wonderful real estate projects. Below we will tell you about the most important neighborhoods and areas in Istanbul in its two parts:


Luxury apartments for sale in the European side of Istanbul:

The beginning will be with the European side of the city, because the demand for it is usually greater than the demand on the Asian side, and we will mention the most important of them.

Luxury apartments for sale in Maslak:

Maslak is the vital investment center in the city and one of its largest and most important areas. It is characterized by its strategic geographical location near the most important means of transportation and public transport, which led to a high value of real estate investment in it.

Near the area, there are the most important shopping centers and famous malls that meet the needs of the residents, in addition to the presence of entertainment, sports and cultural centers.

A few minutes away from the Taksim and Levent area and the new Istanbul Airport, which had a great impact on the real estate sector in the city in general and becomes larger the closer we get to it. As for the real estate pattern spread in this area, it is the luxurious residential complexes with a modern architectural style and equipped with all important service and recreational facilities.

It is called the rich and wealthy area as a natural result of the high real estate prices in it.


Buy luxury apartments in Sariyer:

This area is also located on the European side of the city and is considered an ideal area to provide all the important components in it, such as universities, schools, medical centers and recreational places. In addition to all that, it is one of the most important and most popular areas visited by tourists.

You can realize your dream of living facing the sea because it overlooks the Bosphorus, which has earned most of the residential and investment projects a wonderful sea view.


Luxury real estate in Taksim:

It is unreasonable that you have not heard about the famous Taksim area, which mediates the European side of the city, which is frequented by many foreigners and tourists coming to Istanbul, and according to statistics, the number of visitors to it daily is about three million tourists.

Luxury apartments for sale in Nisantasi:

Did you know that Nisantasi is part of the Sisli district, which is located on the European side of the city? It is one of the most vital centers that contains many fashion houses and high-end stores that keep pace with the latest fashion trends.

It is intended for people belonging to the high classes, and it was able to maintain its position, which was characterized by it in the Ottoman era, when it was a safe haven for the sultans and the rich, as well as today a high percentage of its population of intellectuals and businessmen.

Luxury apartments for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul:

It is not possible to neglect the mention of the Asian side of the city and the most important areas in which it is located and the extent of the importance of real estate ownership there, and through the following paragraphs we will mention the most important of them.

Luxury apartments for sale in Uskudar:

It is characterized by its extension along the Bosphorus Strait and surrounded by the most important areas of the city such as Umraniye, Kadikoy and others, It is one of the oldest, most ancient and distinguished regions, and it has gained great fame, as it is not new, but belongs to the Ottoman period.

Buy luxury apartments in Kadikoy:

Kadikoy is characterized as one of the lively and high-end areas and is characterized by the fact that the prevailing lifestyle is very close to the European style, and with the abundance of real estate and investment projects in it, it has become a destination for many tourists and foreigners to own real estate.


The most prominent advantages of luxury apartments in Istanbul:

Before you start looking for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, you must see the most important advantages of this choice, and through the following paragraph we will shed light on this matter.

1 - Life in those areas is full of all aspects of luxury, comfort, sophistication, security and places, and this is what everyone is looking for.

2 - These areas are considered the best option for those looking for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3 - It has the most important high-end service facilities such as schools - hospitals - malls - commercial centers - markets.

4 - The Turkish government is working to develop and modernize its infrastructure because it is a center of tourist attraction and an environment for the stability of the upper classes

5 - The public transportation networks in these areas are very developed, which has made access to them easy.

6 - When all aspects of sophistication and modernity met in it, this led to an increase in the value of real estate investment in its properties.

There are those who think that the prices of luxury apartments in Istanbul are very high and only suit those with high budgets and the rich, but this is not accurate at all. If you compare prices in European or American countries, you will find that Istanbul is much cheaper and also lower than real estate prices in many Arab countries .

In this context, we must point out a very important point, which is that the apartments or real estate in general that are located in these areas are considered suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship because construction companies are keen to design their projects in accordance with the conditions for obtaining them.


Ways to buy luxury real estate in Istanbul:

You certainly know that the city of Istanbul extends over the continent of Asia and Europe at the same time, which makes the choice somewhat confusing, so through the following paragraph we will provide you with the assistance needed to find the right apartment for you quickly.

First: Before you take any step, you should take a tour to visit the most important real estate projects available in those areas and learn about them and their advantages. Do they really provide you with high-end living standards that suit you or not?

Second: What you do not know is that if you do not have the full price of the apartment, it does not mean that you give up on realizing your dream of owning real estate in one of them, as there are many alternative solutions such as buying apartments in installments that do not put you in front of financial pressures.

Third: The most important step is to seek help from a well-known real estate company with a good reputation and deep experience, as its solid relationships with construction companies help you get the best offers at high prices and discounts.


Types of luxury apartments in Istanbul:

If you decide to search for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, you should first see all the types of apartments that you will find and can buy, and through the following paragraphs we will talk about each of them.

1 - Residential complex apartments:

If you are permanently familiar with the real estate market in Turkey, you must have heard of apartment complexes, which are the modern style that provides residents with an integrated and sophisticated lifestyle different from what is accustomed to it.

The importance of this type of apartments came from the fact that they are designed according to the most important international standards - earthquake resistance - high quality and great distinction both internally and externally. It is characterized by different styles that suit everyone, so you will find spacious ones and medium ones.

Among the most important service and recreational facilities that are found in these complexes are:

- Sauna - Turkish bath - indoor and outdoor swimming pools - steam rooms.

- Playgrounds (football, basketball, handball, etc.).

- Parking lots- restaurants - cafes - mosque - school.

- Guarding and security around the clock and monitoring equipment.


2 - Penthouse apartments:

As for these apartments, it is one of the modern terms that appeared on the real estate market and its first appearance was in the American city of New York and then spread in the rest of the important cities in the world, especially Istanbul.

It is distinguished by being located on the last floors of residential complexes and luxurious high towers, which gives it a panoramic view of the city, especially as it is surrounded by glass walls on all sides. 


3 - Duplex apartments:

It is suitable for families whose members consist of five or more people to have privacy and independence in life, as it has a large area and consists of two floors connected by an internal staircase. It should be noted that each floor can be an apartment independent of the other.


Prices of luxury apartments in Istanbul:

There is a common question among everyone who wants to buy real estate and apartments in Turkey and Istanbul, which is (Are the prices of apartments in Istanbul high or low)? It is difficult to mention a specific price. Whether in Istanbul or in other Turkish cities, it is difficult to have a fixed price because prices change due to many factors, which are as follows:

1 - The location of the apartment, its proximity, and its distance from the city and its center.

2 - Its proximity to the most important tourist, historical and archaeological attractions.

3 - The view that characterizes the apartment, is it a view of the sea, or is it a normal view?

4 - The age of the apartment, is it newly built or is it old?

5 - The type of apartment, is it within the residential complexes or outside it?

6 - The quality of decorations, designs, quality of finishes and other details.


Investing in luxury apartments in Istanbul:

If you intend to search for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul for real estate investment, you have done the right thing for several reasons, the most important of which are:

The demand for it is large and continuous, meaning that it can be rented easily.

Their prices are constantly increasing, which guarantees you a high profit.

Close to the most important infrastructure projects.

Recently, the latest and most prestigious urban projects have been built in it.

The Turkish government pays special attention to it and is working to develop it.

It provides a lot of public transportation that connects it with other areas.


Luxury apartments in installments in Istanbul:

In view of the large foreign influx into the real estate market in Turkey and the increase in the desire of foreigners to own property in Turkey, the Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the many facilities it could, which met with tremendous resonance with the investor public, and the most important thing it provided (Installment apartments).

Not all people have the ability to pay the price of the property in one go or have cash for it, and therefore it is natural for them to look for alternative solutions that enable them to buy in a way that suits them, and no better than the installment offers that make the buyer pay for the property in convenient and spaced stages and installments.

Many construction companies offer long-term offers that may exceed 36 months, and it should be noted that they are safe and guaranteed and you do not have to worry about them at all.

Ways to buy apartments in installments in Istanbul:

We have two main ways to buy installment apartments in Turkey and you are free to choose between them, but not before you see the details of each of them, in the next paragraph we will talk about them in detail.

The first method: buying an apartment through construction companies:

You can buy directly through one of the famous and reliable construction companies in Istanbul, and after you choose the one that is right for you, a contract is organized in which all the items that have been agreed upon are included, the most important of which is the price and delivery date.

Did you know that the idea of ​​buying an apartment under construction is wonderful, as the prices increase after the construction work is completed by between 30% and 70%, and this puts you in front of a large profit if you want to sell it in the future.

The second method: buying an apartment through a bank:

The second option for buying an apartment in installments is to choose one of the banks that had previously purchased the apartment from the construction company and put a mortgage sign on it that is not raised until after the full price is paid.

Before you choose one of the two methods, let us tell you that the first method does not entail any interest, unlike the second, but in return, the second gives you longer years to pay the installments.


Luxury apartments overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul:

One of the common desires of people, investors, foreigners and even local residents is to buy an apartment overlooking the Bosphorus. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up and falling asleep to the smell of the sea and the scene of flowing water, and this is if you want to live and stay, but if you want to invest in real estate, trust that you will get high and continuous profits. This type of apartments is difficult to find without tenants, especially in the tourist seasons, as the demand for them is very large. Add to your information that if you want to sell it, it will be very easy.

You should know that investing in apartments overlooking the sea is very safe, as their prices remain fixed and are constantly increasing, meaning that they do not decrease and are not affected by any crises or price fluctuations.


What after buying apartments in Istanbul?

If you look at the real estate sales statistics issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, you will find that Istanbul is the best seller at all, what is the reason behind that in your opinion?

Before we start listing the advantages of owning real estate in Istanbul, let us point out a very important aspect, which is that the general advantages have combined with the advantages of this city, so it was the first destination for everyone looking for excellence, and through the following paragraph we chose to refer to its most important privileges:

General positive aspects:

1 - Whoever buys a property in Turkey for housing will be able to apply for a real estate residence permit, which is considered one of the most important types of residence at all, due to the ease of obtaining it and the possibility of renewing it as long as the foreigner is the owner of the property.

One of the most important advantages of this residence is that there are no conditions for obtaining it related to the price or space only. It must be intended for housing, and it is granted to all family members - allowing its holder to move between the Turkish states.

2 - Turkish citizenship can be obtained in return for the price of the property being 250 thousand US dollars, and this feature is considered the most important, and in this context we must note a very important matter, which is that within a few days the decision issued by the Turkish government will be implemented, which provides for raising the minimum threshold for the appropriate property for citizenship to four hundred thousand dollars.

3 - Immediately after obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can apply for a passport, which is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world, and according to the agency specialized in classifying passports globally, it is ranked 37th in the world.

4 - The facilities provided by the Turkish government, such as exemption from value-added tax and encouraging tax reductions.


A detailed and comprehensive report on luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul presented to you by the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company. We hope that you have obtained the benefit, knowledge and answers to your various inquiries, and to look closely at everything related to the real estate market in Turkey. You can contact our consultants to provide you with everything you need.

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