Apartments for Sale in Uskudar Istanbul

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Apartments for Sale in Uskudar Istanbul

The advantages of living and investing in the Uskudar region

Apartments for Sale in Uskudar Istanbul
05th August 2022
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What is the importance of searching for apartments for sale in Uskudar Istanbul?

It is one of the most important options for real estate investors who choose Istanbul as a real estate investment destination. If you are interested in getting to know that region, you can now follow up with us in this article in which we will talk about that region and through which we will shed light on many important aspects around it. We wish you an enjoyable reading.


The importance of apartments for sale in Uskudar Istanbul:

It is good to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Uskudar for real estate investment. All the ingredients and data in our hands emphasize the importance of real estate investment in it, most notably the following:

-This region is characterized by having a double sea view, the first on the Marmara Sea and the second on the Bosphorus.

-It is considered one of the most important areas of the Asian side of the city and a wonderful tourist destination that contains many tourist attractions such as the Maiden's Tower and Çamlıca Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Turkey.

-The investment value of this area is very high compared to other areas of the city.

-It is no less important than any of the areas on the European side of the city and is located on the opposite side.

-It is one of the central areas of the city.

-Real estate prices in that area are constantly rising due to the great demand for ownership in it.

-The Turkish government is working to improve the infrastructure situation in the region so that it is a high-end environment for housing and stability.


Prices of apartments in Uskudar Istanbul:

If you want to compare the prices of apartments in Uskudar with other similar areas in terms of urban luxury, sophistication and distinction, you will find that they are rather high, and the prices of real estate and apartments in them are always increasing, since it is an important tourist destination.

The real estate aspect in this area is very diverse, where you find the most luxurious residential complexes, as well as a suitable destination for searching for villas for sale.

(If you want to get a unique real estate opportunity in Uskudar, you can visit our website constantly to see the most important offers that we offer to our customers, ask your inquiries and tell us your desires so that we can provide you with the appropriate assistance).


The location of Uskudar district in Istanbul:

-We have already mentioned that it is located in the Asian section.

-The region corresponds to the coast of the Beşiktaş Strait region.

-It is surrounded by many important areas such as Beykoz, Ümraniye and others, which raised its value and prestige.

-Nearby there are many universities, schools, recreational centers and government centers.

- The historical importance of the area cannot be overlooked, which, despite its modernity, still retains its ancient splendor, which is the secret of attracting tourists to it.


The most important service and recreational facilities in Uskudar:

This area contains many restaurants, cafes, and dense forest-like gardens. Do not forget that based on the vast green spaces and sea views, you can find a suitable apartment for you with a luxurious view of the sea or the forest.

On the other hand, the Uskudar area has a wonderful beach suitable for spending a long time of recreation and rest, and there are places for sitting and resting, but you should know that it is not intended for swimming at all.

One of the most prominent mosques in that area is the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, which was built for the patriarch of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and there is the Shamsi Pasha Mosque, which is a small mosque built by Wazir Suleiman and is distinguished by the fact that it contains a small library that can be used.


Information you do not know about Uskudar Istanbul:

- There is important information that must be taken into account about the Uskudar region, which is that the economic movement in it is very active, and this prompted many businessmen and merchants to practice their businesses and activities.

-Uskudar is one of the richest areas of the city in educational institutions, as it contains many public and private schools and universities, in addition to many hospitals, medical and health institutions, and others.

-Add to all your previous information about the Uskudar area that it can be reached easily and quickly as well, because many public transportations reach it and the Metrobus line reaches it, and this has increased its investment value.


Dimensions of buying an apartment in Uskudar Istanbul:

After buying an apartment in that area, you are in front of all those privileges that you can get, which we will talk about through the following points:

-The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through it if the apartment matches the conditions for obtaining it.

-Obtaining a real estate residency if the property price is at least 75,000$.

-Start a profitable real estate investment project.

-A wonderful opportunity to live and settle in an atmosphere of safety, sophistication and luxury.

-Provides various entertainment facilities, malls, commercial centers and others.



_ Our experienced real estate team will shortlist the suitable properties for you based on your wish list.

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-It should be noted that it is easy to apply for Turkish citizenship by buying an apartment in Uskudar, as most construction companies are keen to set up their projects in accordance with the conditions for obtaining them.

You can view the offers of apartments for sale in Turkey in Istanbul Uskudar by communicating with our real estate consultant or by visiting our website.

You can also follow through it the latest news and developments in the real estate market in Turkey, various laws and regulations and other details, as well as all the answers that looking for.

Get your apartment within the most important residential complexes without hesitation.


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