Best offers for apartments for sale in Turkey 2022

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Best offers for apartments for sale in Turkey 2022

We offer you the best apartments for sale in Turkey and the features they enjoy

Best offers for apartments for sale in Turkey 2022
15th June 2022
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Many foreigners around the world today are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, in order to obtain the greatest amount of privileges offered to them by the Turkish state.

Real estate in Turkey today is a symbol of safety and a means to obtain wealth, but all when you choose correctly and thoughtfully, and this is what prompted the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate to organize this article for you, in which it will address many important points such as the best suitable places to buy real estate and the importance of these properties and also we will provide you with a package of important tips and advice that you will definitely need.

Before we get to the heart of the matter, there are some details that must be mentioned, which is that the real estate sector in Turkey today is one of the things that occupy the investor and push him to choose real estate ownership in that country and not other countries around the world. Turkey in this field is no less important than any other country around the world, and through it it has proven its superiority in many fields and sectors, especially the economic-political sector, and others.


Where do I look for apartments for sale in Turkey?

When we talk about the Turkish state, we are referring to 81 states combined together, which makes the choice somewhat difficult, especially for those who do not have the experience and sufficient knowledge of the dimensions of the Turkish real estate field or who this is their first experience.

Among the many questions that are raised in this regard are about the best places to buy an apartment in Turkey, and in order to get an adequate answer about this, you can follow the next paragraph, which will be comprehensive, as we will talk about the best and most important Turkish cities and states suitable for searching for real estate and apartments for sale in it .

Apartments for sale in Istanbul:

Istanbul is always the first choice for anyone who intends to buy real estate in Turkey, and you can verify this by looking at the reports and statistics issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, where Istanbul always records the highest percentage of the total number of real estate sales.

But in your opinion, why is Istanbul the focus of the attention of many foreigners and investors, and not other Turkish states?

It is distinguished by its wonderful and exceptional geographical location on the continent of Europe and Asia, which gave it the characteristics of both continents, and this contributed to the increase in foreign influx to it in abundance throughout the year.

It is the perfect option if you want to enter the world of real estate investment due to the fact that it has a high-class tourist nature, visitors come from all over the world in order to enjoy the charm of its nature and learn about its ancient history and distinctive archaeological landmarks.

Did you know that the infrastructure that characterizes Istanbul competes with the most important countries in the world without exception, and this is precisely what made it at the forefront of cities suitable for real estate investment, and according to one of the global classifications conducted, it is ranked ninth among the most important places for investment.

As for the real estate offers available, they are very many that meet different tastes, requirements and budgets.

What you do not know is that real estate prices in Istanbul are cheap compared to the prices that you will find in similar cities in terms of importance and distinction in Europe or elsewhere.


Have you wondered about the reasons that make Istanbul an important destination for real estate investment and high profits?

In fact, we have a set of reasons that support the decision of any investor to buy real estate in Istanbul. The signs of the success of this project are looming on the horizon, the most important of which are:

It contains the most important high-end and modern residential complexes.

The high population density also leads to a rise in the demand for buying real estate.

Crowded tourist seasons.

The great real estate diversity, which led to a variety of prices and specifications as well.

The developed infrastructure has a great impact on the real estate sector, as it leads to the constant rise in the prices of apartments and real estate, and this is a positive thing for the investor, as his profits and returns will automatically increase.


Real estate in Ankara:

Also, the Turkish capital, Ankara, must be a destination for many people, as it:

The country's center and political capital.

One of the most tourist attractions in the states.

Many people prefer to live and settle there.

It has all the basic necessities of life.

A center for many government departments and important institutions.

Although it is the capital, real estate prices are very moderate and appropriate.


Apartments for sale in Trabzon:

A unique idea is to look for apartments for sale in the capital of beauty and charm (Trabzon), which is nicknamed the Bride of the Black Sea. It is worth noting that it has many charming nature attractions and important historical and archaeological destinations.

A wide category of investors chooses to buy real estate in Trabzon, because there is a large influx of them during the tourist seasons, which assures you of the amount of profit and returns that will be yours.

Of course, we have many other important cities such as Antalya, which is characterized by its views of the Mediterranean Sea, with a mild climate throughout the year, and distinctive real estate and apartment offers offered by construction companies, we also have the city of Bursa, which is characterized by an abundance of job opportunities, and Bursa is characterized by having the longest cable car in the world.


Is there an abundance of real estate offers in Turkey?

With this large population congestion and the increasing search for apartments for sale in Turkey, you will think that it will be difficult to find the right property for you quickly and within the specifications that you have specified.

Due to the great demand for real estate ownership in Turkey, many construction companies have found the ideal opportunity to build and construct the most important investment and real estate projects with modern and contemporary specifications in order to meet the needs of all these foreigners on the one hand and on the other hand in order to achieve a high sales rate and thus abundant profits .

The offers available in the real estate market in Turkey are not limited to one or limited options, but rather more than that in stages and the available offers cannot be counted, but the most popular are (residential complexes), according to reports presented in this field, the demand for them is very large and this is due to the buyer’s desire to have a luxurious and distinguished life for the following reasons:

These complexes occupy strategic geographic locations within cities.

Great views of the sea or the greenery.

It includes swimming pools - sauna - Turkish bath - steam rooms.

Round the clock protection and security and advanced monitoring systems.

Car parks - tracks designated for children's play.


Real estate prices in Turkey:

Are the costs of buying real estate in Turkey high and unaffordable? Is it suitable for people with low budgets? Let us tell you that the great real estate diversity in Turkey indicates only one thing, which is that there is also a variety of prices and therefore they will be suitable for everyone, where you will find high prices - average prices - low prices.

One of the information that you do not know is that many people are looking for cheap apartments for sale in Turkey, and this is definitely possible when you follow many steps and tips that we will review together now:

1 - If you really want to buy a cheap apartment in Turkey, you should stay away from city centers. The rule says that the more important the location, the higher the price of the property, so you can choose rural or remote areas away from strategic projects.

2 - Stay away from distinctive views such as the sea or the vast green spaces, as these lead to an increase in real estate prices.

3 - New real estate is always more expensive than old or old-designed real estate, as well as those located in areas experiencing a significant urbanization acceleration.


There are specific criteria that lead to an increase in real estate prices in Turkey, which are:

The special location.

Proximity to public transportation, metrobus and metro lines, etc.

The distinctive view.

Luxury and modernity.

Internal specifications.

How close is it to the tourist/historical attractions?


How to buy apartments in Turkey?

It is not possible to buy an apartment in Turkey without having a full understanding of the steps that you must take so that you can make the right choice without making any mistakes or being a victim of problems and deception.

Here are all the steps that must be adhered to when searching for apartments for sale in Turkey:

1 - Determine the purpose of the apartment:

It is unreasonable to look for apartments for sale in Turkey without having a clear goal in order for your choice to be based on it, but what we can tell you in this context is that most of those who came to buy real estate in Turkey aimed to reach a successful real estate investment, In this case, it is necessary to search for a property that meets the appropriate specifications for investment and to achieve the first goal through it, which is to obtain high and abundant profits.

On the other hand, there are many people who choose to live and reside in Turkey, and this is their goal of buying an apartment in Turkey, and therefore they must search for the specifications that suit them and provide them with comfort and a stable life that they seek to reach.


2- Monitoring the financial budget:

One of the important tips that must be taken into consideration before starting to search for apartments for sale in Turkey is (monitoring the financial budget). Is what you own sufficient to cover all the expenses and costs incurred by you, or will you borrow?

In general, we can tell you that this step is necessary because it avoids you encountering things that were not among your accounts.


3- The right place for you:

Before you choose, you should take field tours to visit all the areas in the city in which you intend to buy and look at the specifications of the available real estate projects and their prices.


4- Choose your real estate agent carefully:

You have to buy an apartment in Turkey through the help of a real estate agent with a reputation and knowledge of the dimensions of the Turkish real estate market. One of the most important tasks he performs:

Provides a list of available properties suitable for your goals.

Field tours between real estate projects.

A set of important tips and advice.

His good relationships with construction companies allow him to get high discounts.


5- Negotiate prices:

After you have chosen the right property, you must sit at the negotiating table and you should beware of paying the full amount required immediately, as this is precisely the role of the real estate advisor.



Important information about real estate in Turkey:

Is it your first experience in the field of real estate ownership in Turkey? So you need a lot of advice that you should take into consideration so that you can reach the right choice for you, and through the following paragraph you can see the most important of them and all the details that you should know:

1 - If you do not have the full price of the property, you can choose one of the many installment offers offered by construction companies.

2 - You should know that under construction properties are cheaper than ready-made properties, and this prompted many people to choose them, especially with the abundance of existing and available offers.

3 - If you want to get a profitable real estate investment, you must choose a distinctive geographical location and a wonderful view.

4 - Choose the real estate area carefully and make sure that it is small or medium, as there is no great demand for large real estate as the other ones, and also there may be difficulty in selling them in the future.

5 - Real estate in Turkey is a completely safe area for real estate investment, especially in light of the security documents imposed by the Turkish government, such as the economy that is growing very quickly compared to the economies of other countries, tax cuts, and the real estate valuation document that determines the real property value and prevents price gouging.


Advantages of the real estate market in Turkey:

Certainly, the tendency of many foreigners and investors around the world to invest in real estate in Turkey was not an absurd choice, but rather a natural result of the many advantages, positives and important results that can be obtained.

First of all, you should know that the real estate market in Turkey is one of the most active real estate markets in the world, and this was evident through the movement of great demand for it. Accordingly, Turkey ranks fourth in the world in importance in real estate investment.

Turkey is characterized by a fast-growing economy, in recent years it has been able to achieve amazing results and has made progress over many countries of the world, and according to a European study, it is expected to be ranked fifth in the world by 2030 AD, and this is a result of the young population on the one hand and on the other hand thanks to strategic plans set by the Turkish government.


The importance of real estate ownership in Turkey:

It cannot be overlooked that real estate investment is one of the best types of investment at all, and through it the most important and more distinguished results can be achieved. According to many experts and specialists in the real estate fields, the risk ratio with it is almost non-existent, as real estate cannot lose its value. On the contrary, it is constantly increasing. Especially if it has distinctive features.

What you do not know is that the world's richest people have accumulated their wealth through real estate, which in turn does not require much effort or fatigue or waste of time. It is enough to make a little wisdom in management and care.

Do not forget that real estate is your best way to obtain Turkish citizenship, as the price of the property is only required to be at least 400,000 US dollars, in addition to the obligation not to sell it before 3 years have passed.

Not everyone has enough financial means to pay 400,000 US dollars to obtain Turkish citizenship. Therefore, there is another solution, which is to apply for real estate residency, which is a legal way to reside in Turkey, and the price of the property is required to be at least 75,000 dollars.


Tips when looking for apartments for sale in Turkey:

Through the following points, we will present to you the most important points and details that must be adhered to when buying an apartment in Turkey.

Make sure to sign the contract within a legal department (Tabu Department) because any document issued by others is not acceptable.

It is necessary to use an official translator if you do not know how to speak the Turkish language.

All papers, documents and contracts must be translated and certified by the notary public.

The necessity of extracting a real estate appraisal document that protects the buyer from becoming a victim of fraud.


The best real estate investment opportunities in Turkey, we can offer them to you at Binaa Real Estate Company. You can now contact us to provide you with the help you need .. trust that the best offers will be in your hands.


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