Residence and office compound in Istanbul Maslak Apartments  BI-339

Residence, apartments, and offices in Istanbul Maslak with convenient installment plans

Property Summary
Available offers
For sale
Property status
Under Construction
Away from
25 km
4 km
City center
15 km
1 km
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Why this property؟
  • The project is located between the Belgrad forests and the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul.
  • Living in the historic area of ​​Maslak, which is full of ancient Ottoman palaces and museums.
  • It is a residential and commercial compound in the vicinity of one of the most significant commercial centers in the city of the two continents.
  • The project has a central location close to the highway and Istanbul Airport.
  • It meets the conditions for getting Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership.
Payment methods
Payment method The first payment Number of installments Notes
Cash 100% 1
Installment 35% 12
Number of rooms Areas Project Type Prices
1+1 81 m2 - 81 m2 Flat 19,800,000 ₺ - 20,280,000 ₺
2+1 117 m2 - 183 m2 Flat 24,060,000 ₺ - 42,600,000 ₺
3+1 181 m2 - 267 m2 Flat 30,140,000 ₺ - 48,500,000 ₺
3+1 267 m2 - 267 m2 Duplex 58,920,000 ₺ - 63,420,000 ₺
3+1 267 m2 - 267 m2 Duplex 58,920,000 ₺ - 63,420,000 ₺
Property information
  • Residence and offices for sale in Istanbul on the European side of the city, specifically in the Maslak area, its luxury real estate overlooks the Bosphorus and its suspension bridges.
  • The project takes a privileged location in an ancient area that perpetuates the history of the Ottoman Empire, through palaces, museums, and monuments that increase the investment value in the region.
  • Maslak Sariyer is also one of the most important commercial centers in Istanbul, so you find it full of huge real estate projects, and the most famous large malls in the city of the two continents.
  • Our project is located in the middle between Belgrade forests on one side, and Istanbul Valley Mall on the other, one of the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul.
  • The Residence and Offices Compound of Istanbul Maslak extends over 24 thousand m2, part of which is allocated to the green spaces that surround its blocks.
  • The Istanbul project provides services and facilities according to European standards, through indoor parking, social spaces, a swimming pool, and landscapes.
  • It is a residential investment project, consisting of 5 blocks with advanced architecture; 2 of them are for residential apartments with 18 floors in height, 2 for hotel apartments, and one block for office units.
  • The housing options offered by the project are suitable for all requirements; there is a diversity of apartment divisions, spaces, and options starting from a bedroom and a living area up to 3 bedrooms and a living area.
  • The views of the apartments and offices vary according to the block and floor height, through large balconies and large windows that receive the refreshing breezes of Belgrade's forests.
  • The prices of real estate units in the Residence compound and offices of Istanbul Maslak vary, according to the view, block, and floor, paying with a convenient installment plan over 12 months is available.


Project data summary

The project area

24,000 m²

Number of blocks


Number of apartments


Apartment spaces

81 – 267 m²

Apartment options

1+1 / 2+1 / 3+1


Nearby the project

TEM Highway

one minute

Bosphorus Strait

5 minutes

Istanbul Valley Mall

2 minutes

Istanbul Ambassador Mall

7 minutes

Istinye Park Compound

8 minutes

Istinye University

2 minutes

Istanbul Technical University

7 minutes

Bilgi University

8 minutes

Taksim Square

10 minutes

New Istanbul Airport

22 minutes

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Total population in the region: 347 Thousand people
Annual increase rate in the region: 1.3% / Year
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Rental price changes of residential units in the region
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